TV Antics

January 31, 2012 § Leave a comment

There are 9 channels on my TV
All free to the bone
I don’t pay a cent.
I pay with my
And, according to me:
My time is not worth anything,
When I watch TV.


Thank-Full-Ness on January 31, 2012

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I am full.
I am full.
Practicing Gratitude.

My warm tingling body breathes
And with this I wake in
My home.
My cozy little rental.
I love you.

I am most very thankful
To be able to
See and hear the world around me.
With this,
I am full.

My friends.
The extension of
A made family
Of important
I am grateful for the
Close connection.

I am most grateful for my
Little Oliver.
For spending his
Short earthly
Days with me
In this humble life.
Momma bear
Loves you.

I am most thankful for the
Ability to let go.
A balancing act
Always on my way,
Working towards this
In my life.
Its boost-full
Motivating grip
On my heart every day.

I am full today.
The light that decided to shine this morning
On this very morning.
I am full.
The low horizon on highway
71 westward,
that beckon me home.
Creepy little whispers of the nighttime
Haunting me and loving me.
I am most grateful for many.

Good Forgetfulness

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Goodness it is so easy
To forget one another.
Even though I truly believe
You will always be there
Nestled deep in that
Earthly crevice of
My mind.

Hard Day

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I woke up this morning
With the notion Of having a hard
It would seem
That it is getting easier to experience
These hard days.
I’m grateful for that.
I feel as though I’m swimming in a pool
Of small circles.
I feel downwardly
Or maybe I am just
pressing too much weight
On myself.
It could be one or the other.

Paws Up

January 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

Paws up
“Happiness is a warm puppy”
Charles Schulz
said that.
What an intuitive
Wet noses are one of the best
Of this mighty

Meeting the Closer then Close Friends

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I can recall the special days when i met my closer
Then close,
There is some blurry-ness.
And uneven distribution.
Some bright patterned
And even
Whimsical memories.
Others are pocked full of
Teen Angst,
With gray lockers,
Tiny mirrors
And refolded notes.
The freshest ones
are crunchy sweetness,
An unexpected pay raise.
But all in happy
Those happy anticipations
And luke warm fuzzies still linger
On days when I really
Need it.
It’s a good feeling.


January 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

Somewhere somebody forgot to say hello to you today.
And now we have run into each other,
And some of your electrostatic energy
Has rubbed off on me
The wrong way.
I try very,
Very hard,
Not to take it personal.
But I scooted my bottom out of bed
And dare I even say it,
So lets reconnect
Lets talk about where that
Itch is.
Lets rewind and sit down
To a cup of coffee
With feather swirlies frothed in it.
Lets both smile at its beauty
And feel the warmth
In our bellies.
And I will start
I just want to say
I mean it.

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