Balloon in the Room

August 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’m pretty sure
I don’t love you
I can’t believe you
Are this articulate now.
It’s not a coincidence
That we are here
At the same time.
But…Its not about us.
You and me.
Let’s forget this
I’m not your average bear.
There are ton’s of me’s
Out there
Squirming around.
I could stand here all day
But just this particular day.
Don’t get any ideas.
I’m ok with just a poke here
And a poke there.
I know
It’s what I like that makes me
I am not at all interested
In anchovies and onions
But…just listen to me,
I will make it work.
You know, on the other
I will skip out on the
For you.
Great! I think its settled. Don’t you?
We can move on to the bigger things
Bigger bigger bigger
Big balloon in the room
Suck out the air.
Before the room gets too
Well aren’t you a happy man?
Well wasn’t that easy?
I never played Leapfrog
As a kid.
It was after my time.
Can you stop and ask for
The brake is stuck?
The pizza is getting cold.
Wrong gear, Oh good
You’re in the right gear.
Absolutely. Almost there,
Take a left.
I will eat the anchovies
I will eat the onions.
Just a little to the left
Park there.
You may need to run
The engine for a
One more thing
Don’t wake me.
I like to sleep in on Saturday.


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