Whomp, Whomp

March 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

Whomp, Whomppppp…
Two people have said this to me over the last few days.
Now I have to ask…What the hell is a whomp, whomp??
They tend to drag that last whomp.
Like a sound effect,
A sound effect.
News flash,
I don’t need a sound effect to my life

Back to the whomping
All I can think about when I hear the whomp, whomp
is Charlie Brown.
Poor Charlie Brown.
Thank you.
You just suckered punched Charlie Brown in my head.
What if everytime you share something personal,
I talk about Eeyore.
how about Bambi
I remember eating off every nail
sitting in the hallway in school,
watching Bambi,
the entire third grade,
yes we watched tv during school.
hence, why i am here.
almost peeing myself
listening to little Bambi.
Who the hell did Disney think it was?
I don’t think I need to explain myself any further.
But Charlie,
On the other left hand,
Well I rather enjoyed Charlie Brown’s tribulations.
But now…
All I can hear is your stuffy,
Go blow your nose, why don’t you
Whomp, whomp.
Whomp, whomp is the sike of the nineties.
Portlandia dreams about the nineties,
By the way.
I wanted to smack someone in the mouth everytime they said Sike.
Didn’t you?
I was ten year old
Who wanted to smack someone.
Now with the whomp, whomp,
I want to smack them because
They have destroyed Charlie Brown
And brought back
The nineties.
Big difference.


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